Sep. 14th, 2008 03:43 pm
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Maybe Daunte could come out of retirement?
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We can seriously talk about electing a woman president but we can't get a woman into the broadcast booth of professional football games? Michelle Tafoya needs to break that glass ceiling ASAP. At the very least she'd be more interesting to listen to than Joe Buck, the Roy Cohn of football, and Troy Aikman, the colorless color man. That much I can say with 100 percent certainty.

Secondly, what if Bill Belichik is just autistic? It might explain his weird behavior, the out-of-phase affect of his emotions in interviews, the careful pattern he follows in dressing for games (why'd he wear red by the way? I'd think in a sport as superstitious as NFL football he'd stick to Old Gray for luck). In any case he sometimes seems like a person with autism or asperger's. Maybe that explains it. His savant/Rain Manesque gift is winning. When he's not winning, he can't relate to the world at all.


Feb. 3rd, 2008 09:40 pm
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wow. that was a super bowl.

A reflection on NFL history:
On the balance, I'd rather be the 15-1 ninety-eight Vikings, than the 18-1 Patriots right now.
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[ profile] mrs_lovett: who's that?
me: Kyle Orton, he's the quarterback for the Bears.
[ profile] mrs_lovett: he looks like an accountant.
me: [awestruck silence]
[two and a half quarters of almost continuous swearing by yours truly goes by...]

[Vikes score and Brooks Bollinger guts out the two point conversion. By this point in the proceedings, the f-word is basically 85% of my vocabulary]

me: Yes! Fuck!
[ profile] mrs_lovett: Go back to your spreadsheets!
me: fuck! wait what?
[ profile] mrs_lovett: Don't you have some filing to do, Kyle?
me: wow.
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"That's the way I like to play football. I do have a healthy respect for being able to run it and taking somebody's will from them, and then playing off of that with play-action. If you're looking for a benchmark, [this is it]."

Read that quote in a robot voice, it's the best way to achieve the proper tone and inflection.

I do have a healthy respect. If you are looking for a benchmark. This man coaches professional football, the hardest hitting most exciting and dramatic sport in America. He is talking about one of his players setting an all time record for single game performance. The league has been playing professionally for more than 75 years, which means people have grown up, grown old, had great grandchildren and died during the time it took to produce one young man who could accomplish this feat. In the scheme of all of life, it's a minor feat, but it's a feat that only got accomplished once in two or three generations. And his coach "likes" it. This man coaches professional football.

Would you believe that if I didn't tell you? You would be forgiven for mistaking Brad Childress for a middle management corporate drone. Or just a drone. I'm going to invite him to help run the next meeting I attend. I am sure he will assist me in properly prioritizing my action items and placing the correct cover page on my tps reports.
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Oh yeah, the most beloved team from my childhood is the super bowl favorite. I couldn't pin it down exactly, it's this sort of weird giddy optimism pierced by intense moments of petrifying doubt. Example: having proven that they cannot be stopped in the event they somehow needed to score any more, and holding a lead that more than doubles their opponent (41-20 over the long long LONG hated division rival Denver Broncos who more than once put me in tears) San Diego chooses to go for a totally superfluous touchdown which would give Ladanian Tomlinson sole possession of the single season record for individual touchdowns, a record he would have three more games to break in a season when multi-TD games come to him as easily as oxygen comes to the rest of us in the air we breathe. My prediction, intoned direly at the TV "Don't! Don't do it! You'll risk injury to for an individual record? The football gods will punish you for this." The hands-down favorite for league MVP went in standing up, never at risk for any kind of injury unless someone was going to stab or shoot him or if his teammates dropped during the end zone celebration. The 48-20 final (and except for the third quarter, it wasn't even that close, really) is now almost an afterthought. Jeez, is this what New England fans feel like all the time, knowing that their team is possibly an unbeatable juggernaut with the near-perfect combination of youth and skill? No wonder San Franciscans keep electing Ms. Pelosi and Texans elected W governor twice. The citizens were wasted after all the super bowls their teams won in the 80s and 90s.

This theory does not explain Pawlenty.
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Awesome website called uniwatch ("the obsessive study of athletic aesthetics").

Best Uniforms in SportsWhatever happened to coaches wearing suit and tie on the sideline of NFL games? Well, I did not know, until now. Did you know that the League doesn't allow them to?? Yes, in a league which gives penalties and fines (fines!) to players for celebrating touchdowns in an unprofessional manner (up to $30K) or $5,000 for wearing the wrong color socks, a coach cannot wear a suit and tie at the game. Why? Because of the NFL Properties Division which markets windbreakers, track suits, pullovers, and polo shirts. Uniwatch's Lukas has a column at that shows exactly why forcing men like Andy Reid and Dennis Green to wear league-branded attire from the existing line of couture is a monumentally bad idea. He also points out that somehow the League negotiated two dates with two coaches (Jacksonville's Jack Del Rio and SF's Mike Nolan) to allow them to wear specially branded suits, which they had to beg for the right to do. I can just imagine those negotiations. "Uh, sirs, may I be allowed to wear professional attire to work this Sunday?" "Well son, if by 'professional' you mean 'ill fitting but specially branded stuff that makes you look foolish' then, sure." Lukas' prediction sound spot on that this almost certainly means next year we'll be treated on those occasional throwback Sundays to the added sight of coaches in suits and ties as the League's clever cutting of the gordian knot of their Reeboks devil's bargain with a marketing gimmick.

In related news, the hometown team? Appallingly awful on offense and pass defense. Their run coverage and punting are effective. Period. This basically makes them 2/6 of a professional team (no pass defense, no passing offense, no kick coverage, modest kick returns, modest run offense, astonishing run defense). My first love in pro football? Most exciting team in the league. 35-27, come from behind, first team to ever win two games in a row after being down more than 17 points in each game (there's a stat). If they can get just a few more of those 49 point games, they could catch the Purple's 556 for the season. Kachow!


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