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I don't like people who laugh at their own jokes unless they're really funny.
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Okay so here's some work. You might think this, my second post of the day means I'm not working, but this is the result of some actual work I needed to do! Suppose I want to describe some foreign text in a structural way in an html or xhtml document. I could use the <i></i> and <em></em> tags of course, but those would only give me foreign words and phrases displayed in the accustomed manner--italicized (usually the emphasis tag renders ital too, natch). Which is what people quoting words in other languages are used to seeing in books and academic texts. But that's not semantic, right? Right. It just controls the display of those words.

I am persuaded by the argument to use <cite></cite> tags, for two reasons: 1) it gets the job done, causing most browsers to render the enclosed text in a notably different way than the other text; and 2) it is (indirectly) actually descriptive of the phrase; if you accept the argument that in a manner of speaking you are quoting or citing a word from another source, in this case the source is a language other than the content of the body text. I'm more persuaded by <cite></cite> than I will ever be by <em></em> or italics. A third reason is that it's easier and quicker to code, also I have a fair amount of confidence browsers know what to do with it.

However, that isn't precisely what's going on. I'm not "citing" the language, I'm really just using it. I looked for this issue around the web. This guy has some interesting points, and his concerns seem valid. But he doesn't resolve the damn thing by a long shot.

PSU.edu has some tips and of course there's the venerable w3 consortium. I guess that's where I land with this. It feels clunky. First because it's an attribute, which means they haven't thought of a way for it to stand on its own. Would doing so be more or less structural? So it has to be applied to another element like P or SPAN.

Am I the only person who loathes the <span></span> tag? Or maybe I feel like there's a lacuna in it--somewhat because there's a lacuna in my own knowledge of the language codes, probably. RFC1766 provides a little more insight. The iso639-2 list helps, though now you have to decide if you want UTF8 or ISO8559, cripes. HERE is a list of language codes that's actually useful. (oh, here's something-- Burmese has 2 codes, bur and mya. So even with structural tags you get to make a choice of whose side you are on. For the record, I oppose the neofascist SLORC and thus choose bur. Myanmar, by providing a language code definition which clouds semantic precision, has slowed the development of the semantic web. As if brutal repression wasn't bad enough!)

So for the record, do you think you should probably write it this way: <span lang="es">tortillas, bolillos, empanadas, churros</span>? My study leads me to think I should, but now I'm going to hit the preview button to see if lj and my browser render it correctly.

(Aaand it did not. Which means I bolluxed it up because the first time I did it I didn't put it in the span tag. not to mention I forgot to put the ol ascii "ampersandltsemicolon" bit in the code tags I had)

I think it didn't render those two latin bits above (I love the word "lacuna") --which may be on lj or it may be my misuse of the tags. At this point I'm fed up for a while. That's why I'm journaling this, btw, to see what best practices other people prefer to use. You come at me with italics, though, and I'll just gag a little.
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Anybody know any Lotus Notes developers? Our company needs to get quotes on a project. email or comment
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Now that we have a significant common event to adhere it to, I propose we replace the "hit by a bus theory" terminology--popularized by contingency planners everywhere--with the "bridges do fall down theory."

As in, "hey let's transfer some knowledge about this job function. you know, just in case a bridge falls out from under you." "I'm gonna document how to update this website, in case a bridge collapses on me."

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A thought for web folks on a Sunday night. If you're an independent web person, or any kind of web strategy/management/services company, and you're not using Google Analytics, you're basically just wasting your clients' money.
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Never mind why, the reasons are stupid beyond stupid. But check THIS out, there's one little project I have to do where I'm basically replacing CSS design with tables. Not the other way the good way, no. The bad "old" way.

Except for two things:
1) I wasn't doing web design much during the pre-CSS days. I actually don't know how to use tables "correctly", a fact I'm pretty proud of, since I forced myself to learn CSS.

2) Google doesn't know how to go backwards either. I searched for replacing css with tables and all search results were for replacing tables with css. When i searched for the exact phrase "replacing css with tables", no results. I shit you not, no results. CSS wins! Total victory! Victory Victory! I even searched "replace css with tables" and got one result, which was basically a dead end.

Yeah. I win some sort of google contest on getting null result from very common search terms I guess. But this doesn't help me.
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Confidentiality tempers me to be deliberately vague, but I must say: we have this client who is of decent size, and in more than one country, and they love our work, even in those other countries. People have this thought that international businesses don't need diversity and inclusion training.

Those people are wrong. In the face of those people's wrongness, we are making money, helping people, and changing the world. Perhaps I can say...don't hate the player, don't even hate the game.
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There's a long silence in this, during which I elected to conference in the call from Eleanor, which I expected would be a treat. I'm going to do that more often.
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search engine optimization is a subject I have a lot of interest in and I'm adding it as a kind of subsection to the work part of my website.
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asserting myself to the president of the company in a way that might have been interpreted by less-wise persons as "snippy" or "cranky" and getting a compromise satisfactory to both of us
borrowing the CEO's car (a sweet infiniti G35) to go buy scandinavian food for a Celebrate Diversity Month potluck
oohing and ahhing with my Filipino co-worker over aforementioned scandinavian food (mmm...cured lamb gristle!)
RE-borrowing the CEO's sweet car to go put gas in my wife's stalled vehicle
coming back to the office and chatting about gjetost with several people
getting the proofs back on a content-revision project in a timely fashion
settling into the afternoon routine confident that people like me, but also like my work
no blinking light on my voice mail

it's the little things I guess

bow Wow

Jan. 4th, 2006 08:04 am
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I posted a link to Puppy Linux yesterday and I'm actually trying it now on a Dell machine at the office--posting to this journal from the included Mozilla 1.8, in fact. It's pretty amazing how easy and fast it is. I'd like to test it on a truly older machine (128MB RAM, <1Ghz processor) and see how much difference the ramdisk implementation makes. The machine I have is capable of running Windows at 800x600, so I'm also a little vexed that puppy's XWM95 window manager defaulted to 640x480. But the speed more than makes up for it.

BUT SO much easier to use for a linux distro than some of the more ... shall we say... industrial strength versions, such as Debian or something. A little nervous about doing everything as root, but damn this is a sweet little system. Running mozilla, sodipodi, abiword, and an ssh client all at the same time right now and there's no hiccups, no nothing. This is practically a linux you could give your mom. (No, I gave linux to your mom, aww yeah). And between the live CD option and if you do a lot of stuff that can be stored on line (like journal, etc) why would you ever need your own hard drive? Well, I can think of a few reasons why, I'm just sayin.

I'm gonna try to use it to resurrect some old machines around the office.
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um. wow. holy wow, are they ever being nice to me right now.
I less than three my company!
That is all.
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Gorilla Glue is the shit, man! I used a tiny amount in a scanner repair (the two broken sides of the plastic casing for a photoelectric switch) and it's coming together swimmingly. For those of you scoring at home, I also got the drive belt reconnected to the scan "arm"/"housing" or whatever you want to call it, but that did not require glue. Soon I will triumph. If not, I will have to buy something, I suppose. Grr.

Also, I got up on time with my alarm. On track, baby. The back spasm nudge helped, I guess.
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I love my job. I actually truly do. But I'm annoyed when some people are close to the holiday and kind of "check out". I am working really really hard! Leave me alone! Let me work! Go take your vacation if you love it so much!! Mostly because I'm under two deadlines and I feel totally hosed and swamped.

Tonight, Rent. I do not anticipate it to be a groundbreaking achievement in film but if they hit their marks on the songs I'll probably be happy. Just going to a movie makes me happy. Just having a babysitter for the night makes me happy. We could be going to Greed in a triple feature with Monsters of Paint Drying and How Velvet is Made II: The Softening and I'd be happy. Though I'd probably sneak in some booze for Monsters of Paint Drying.
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i have one of these chairs at my work now. I will win this battle against pain for sure.
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Being lazy kicks ass. I could go out and learn XML and hand code an RSS feed so I can make podcasts happen for my work. But why? There's a perfectly good tool out there for making a feed in valid xml without having to learn the crap. It's called ListGarden and it's released under gpl, so that kicks even more ass. I am not a hacker, but I am lazy and will gladly let someone else's work make my work look better. (reminds me of that I Am Not A Lawyer thing you see from time to time. "IANAH, but I know what I'd do if I have to add rss to my websites now and I don't really have time to learn xml") tra la de dah!
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if you aren't using the spot healing brush tool, you might as well throw photoshop in the trash and go use microsoft paint
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IM transcript...

Me: do you think there's a possibility we can get a new look for [one of our sites]'s front page by eob Monday?

Bracken: yikes. maybe.

Bracken: i may be out of the office most of yesterday. if so, that will be difficult with everything else going on

me: um. dude what are you smoking?

Bracken: tomorrow* :-D

Bracken: wow

me: I'm putting that quote in my livejournal


and so it was...
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It's seriously 90 degrees in our offices right now. ho-lee balls it's hot. It's never been this hot in here. I'm instantly thirsty (for beer, of course) and cranky. Not a good way to start the day. I do love my new bus line though. The 32D is sweet! I can go from my block to Nate's Clothing, or the gay 90s, or a 1 block walk to the train! I don't know what time it becomes the 32R, but that's pretty convenient too, since it runs over to Roseville (starting later in the morning). I could also take the 5 downtown but after the recent "exciting" "news" story about it, I best not. They'll stab you in the face!!
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(very rare, I'm realizing. why do I have so little to say about my job? perhaps no one here could possibly care. perhaps I'm more than my job. but I love my job)

So my reporting relationship is changing, and I'll be reporting to a different person, a VP instead of my current manager. This will be pretty cool in some ways. My manager is a really good friend of mine (like for reals, outside of work, more than a work-friend!), and we've maintained that friendship despite me being a subordinate. But I also like the idea of removing that sort of potential-for-ugliness aspect of our friendship. Suppose things went badly, and she'd had to discipline or fire me? Ack. Anyway. I just found out that my new boss, who I'm not sure has been formally told he's going to be my new boss, is going to be in town for two (2) days out of the next thirty (30).

I can't decide if that's going to be good for me or bad. I'm very independent, but I don't mind being able to connect with a decision maker from time to time. Maybe we can meet out of the office or something. He only lives like 8 blocks from me...


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