Jan. 25th, 2008 09:14 am
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Johnny Lee has this awesome video of his elite Wii remote hacking skills that many of us saw at penny arcade this week. What happens 2:45 into this video actually made me gasp, I thought it was that cool.

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So last wiiiik (I could go on like that forever, siiriously. I'm sorry, I just could) we bought a Wii, a couple extra remotes, two nunchucks, and MarioParty 8. I have almost never been anywhere near the front end of a particular cycle of system launches. I mean, I got my first Commodore 64 in 1984 or 85, some time after they dropped the price below $200. Got a mac in 1997, buying just about the last new Performa 6400 ever made for the then rock bottom price of $1700. My first laptop was from ebay and was from the tail end of the 2nd generation ibooks. Second laptop was one of the last new 12" powerbooks before the Intels came out. We bought a Playstation when it was only about $95, meaning some time after the PS2 came out. So buying a new gaming system within the first year of its release is ...somewhat out of character for me. I wanted one last year on release, and even got up a couple times at 530 am on a Sunday to go to Target in November and December. I was foiled multiple times. Closest I got was in December, when I was number 21 in a line one Sunday when they received 20 units at the Crystal store (which is where we found the one we bought last week, just sittin' there in the middle of the week).

Well, it's a pretty awesome system. Don't believe the crap you read about inferior graphics. yeah, it's nothing like the hyperrealism of the 360 or the PS3. But we don't even have an HD tv, so those would be totally lost on us anyway! Everything is smooth and responsive. It's hard to discipline yourself to believe that the control works the way they say it's going to. Seriously! I wanted to aim it differently than whatever the game suggested, or pull it and turn it and stuff differently. No need! It's very smart! Trust the machine, it will work the way it says it will!

The thing that got me kind of annoyed was the whole system of "unlocking" elements in the games. You have to practice some of the activities in Wii sports to unlock other activities; you can't just play all the MarioParty minigames until you've played them in their board game form, etc. That smacks a little of grinding, and [ profile] mrs_lovett and I were prepared to sack up and grimly knock down some of those doors after the kids went to bed. However! As it turns out, even an impatient four year old with a fledgling's grasp of which is the Start button and which are the A & B buttons has enough patience to grind out fifteen turns of MP8, solo mind you (while dad dozes after an exhausting day and night), which activity unlocks a whole crap pile of mini games for dad to come and cherry pick later. This means that not only is the (dread tentacles of continuity notwithstanding) run of strips in last week's Penny Arcade funny, it actually applies to my life.

I'm going to have to pick up Metroid and see if it's as revelatory as they say it is vis a vis the controls. The remote does fit the hand pretty well and once I get past my two fists and fourteen buttons double grip mentality, I think it will rock.


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