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local hero [livejournal.com profile] scotmoore is auctioning off his fan loyalty for charity. He's a cubs fan (chacun a son gout) and after another disappointing season he must have decided his faith had become more liquid. Well long story short he'd gotten bids up over Seven Thousand Dollars!! Then eBay killed the auction without warning. The money would have supported Cromulent Shakespeare Company and Prufrock Theatre. Their whole season budget is like $7k!! Imagine being that close to money you genuinely need to support a cause which includes low cost live theater that is accessible to everyone.

Well I have a couple thoughts. First, that money was great, and I hope they can somehow get it from the kind soul who had bid it up that high. However, winning that auction would have brought in ONE donor, just the one. All the smaller, losing bids, those would have been great too but there's almost no way to reach those people--especially since soulless corporate giant eBay has closed down the auction.

I'd like to see people help out and I hope you consider donating. Go to <a href="http://cromulentshakespeare.org/donate.html ">http://cromulentshakespeare.org/donate.html</a> and give a little or a lot. Thanks to Springboard, all donations are now tax deductible! Every little bit helps.

Heres a sad truth: this publicity (chicago press, WCCO, etc) is great. But im the webmaster for Cromulent and i can see the analytics. I happen to know that as great as the publicity is, it's not enough. Traffic has NOT significantly increased the last couple days. Everyone is working hard to keep the story going and the drive alive. Can you help? Can you visit and donate?can you spread the word? You can! Please help today.

<a href="http://cromulentshakespeare.org">http://cromulentshakespeare.org</a>

edit: looks like the auction's back up ENDED AGAIN, even with an Andre Dawson fielders mitt to sweeten (and legitimize?) the deal. you could bid or you can just donate directly


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