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I'm a big advocate of istockphoto.com. So I was doing a color search there this morning (you can even enter in the hex value you're working with and it'll find photos that might work with it, it's sweet) and found this picture of a bride... with a rabbit.

Incidentally the color I was looking for was #003863, which is a shade of blue.

But seriously, there's more than one picture of this woman in her bridal gown posed with a white rabbit. The rabbit is on a leash. I guess the photographer... has... a rabbit? And an extra wedding dress around the house? And wanted to get some pictures up right away?

I mean, the bride didn't choose to leash her rabbit and pay for a photo shoot, right? I mean, that's not what people do on their wedding days, correct? Certainly I don't remember any rabbit. There were doves. But white rabbits on red leashes. This is the visual equivalent of "If it weren't for my horse, I would have never spent that year in college."
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I have new pictures in my galleries. Some of them can be seen here and you can navigate around. Here's two that I think are eye catching. There's also a gallery of pictures taken BY Eleanor because she's already eerily comfortable with technology. Once you get past the dizzying bluriness, there's a certain beauty to them, a certain j'ne sais quois to the pix. Mostly because she's SO delighted to be taking them.

missing star5 missing star5

We had a celebration at star5's apartment. This cookie represents the fact that she was absent. We had "no star5". This cookie does NOT mean anti-star5!

self explanatory self explanatory

she was just being so CUTE


Oct. 7th, 2005 04:02 pm
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Lines Straight, Lines Curved My camera takes a minute to "warm up" to whatever it's being asked to photograph. So I'm taking advantage of that fact by snapping this picture right away upon clicking into the camera application. It made the whole thing blue and that looked better than what was there before. This was early this morning as I awaited the bus in the freeze-my-neeples-off weather. Well not that early. I was running pretty late at the time.

I hate running late these days. It makes me feel ineffectual and stupid. I feel immature when I run late. I love the feeling of being early. I love it. But I live the life of being late.

Looking at the code, I wonder: why does livejournal's photo app use Tables to layout these things? What is UP with that? Why not css? Garrr.
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From Bus Stop at Gay Nineties

Phone picture 8:30 a.m. October 4.
From Bus Stop at Gay Nineties

That is a picture from my new phone! I'm going to start posting these from time to time. Eventually I'll figure out how to post from my phone, too. But whatever, I have bluetooth and I am happy. This is a shot from my bus stop near the 90s. My phone gallery shows pictures I've taken so far. Today you can observe me after being in the rain.


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