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When I was in high school (and into early part of college) I endeavored to work the omega symbol into my personal branding (you know, without being a DJ or getting into BBS and/or internet, it's actually pretty hard to create your own nickname in this world, unless you work for it intentionally). Jon O always worked pretty well, but once I learned a little greek, I also wanted to go by Jon Ω. I have a few books with that written on inside cover (and yes, one of those books is a 2nd Edition DMG). Now, with the presence of omegacon, that memory comes back. The HTML for Ω is Ω by the way.

So it was. A fairly lovely time was had. Better planning and prep will yield even better results in the future, count on it. It was actually more fun to have something to do, but I pushed it a couple times. No worries, please! It was instructive! Actually, save advice for the moment too, k? (save as in write down now so you don't forget, then email it to me privately in...let's say 10 business days, i.e., when I'm recovered and ready to listen?) Experience was going to be the #1 teacher in this case regardless; and to paraphrase, you can't be told how to run a consuite for 130, you have to see it for yourself.

For those of you having made the connection, the hot iron core (and thus, determinant of its magnetic true north) of this year's omegacon consuite experience is actually [livejournal.com profile] mrs_lovett, whom you will probably want to go friend immediately if not sooner.


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