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I want to leap forward ten thousand years past wrung out and sodden metaphors forward byond similies like well fought good fights and leveled playing fields. To forget my language of wars and sport and food and family to speak new:

We are lightning frozen in transparent soil. Our voice is midnight on fire with sweet fruit. We unify over our hearts bursting like tangles of colored thread! I am a body, my skin singing; I am a woman in flight! Come with me like the fall of rows of swift rooted water birds and light my mouth with your fingers, the music of your hairs in motion, the sound of kisses tolling on green glass. We gravely climb into a kaleidoscope of the sciences,a mystery like cords of wood sheltered from the rain. Good bye speech, goodbye. I sail you on the collapse of soggy time.

I think you know exactly what I mean, yes every word!
O star
divulge your children
like the bitter taste of rising air
mourn the explosion of law into black spinning heartache
Ambassadors break through the pale webbing of dawn at the opposite sides of the earth and bite wetly into the forbidden sundries of our knitted bones. We ran so quickly out of room between us and the great muscles of God.

and then music, in a flood through the hard brittle matter of my brain

i'm not big enough not big enough to own you to burn like the batwings around you and fold down over you
I'm not closing these doors anymore but opening them wide and getting out of sight behind the great thorny bush outside
o my only one my smoking golden one my fearless face your eyes unfolding like the fins of fish that climb outragously high from the bottom of the deep the wings of bright wasps black and gleaming
slip your sting inside me quite readily and stealthily please don't be forgetting how I'm not big on bloodletting not big enough not big enough at all

I'm going to claim now the power of our love and hook it up and light the pathway down to the place we'll drown where we'll fire up the ocean and fill it just with our heart beats to hammer at the other shore the other shore we'll drop like rocks until we kiss bottom
give me the whites of your eyes let me kiss you there in shining open air we'll drive our memory away away until they cannot touch your sweet blue mouth the puckered lips and all the forgotten rotten fish
come on come on break down the waves and let's dive in fly home to the bottom and soothe our aches come on come on let's pour our skins together and drown
grab the air with our fingers attack want victory with me you'll have it just ask we'll warm each other up just enough to dream of what we'd be if we lost
come on come on let's break down the waves and let's dive in fly home to the bottom and give up our skin for just enough memory to make new lives of it

I'm not known I'm not known I've got to grow
I cannot feel what I long to steal from your pretty ears your lovely fears the color in your skin
oh give me that hair
that secret stair
that falling star out the backdoor of your house
come into the yard
and stand there till we blister in the sunrise
stick dusty fingers in our eyes
knots of hunger in our stomachs
lack of knowing how the wind is blowing
we're not known
we're not known

I have not earned it but I'm going to reverse it
I have not earned it but I'm going to reverse it
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There were birds, bitter wings careening against me (and the boys and one dangling body and one bite amid the great events). I stood alive; he--the wire ignored by his sweet eye-- hid with me, we broke together and fell into piles, barely-lewd thrusts in rusting heaps, bags of hay and dirt littered the ground at our feet.

We bent toward the horizon, watched astronauts risen whole, themselves tiny moons.

She filled the gulf between with mouthed dream particles, with stretches, moments against me. O we make more in utterances, "You alive but cold," than we ever did in touching. He, like the limbs of starflight, bursts of flame, silent contrails, impossible flight, looking amid the events as if seconds were trenches into which they poured our dead.

I squinted then in the light upon the dam, hungry for the black water, for more power, And then just remnants, a few into each ear, oscillations at mirrors, dark weeks months coffee mouth every atom shook.

"Ah! half cannot deny anyone-- all these, they make you cold cold"

She like burst limbs launched upon the bottom of the valley, the north wall, electrified by her eyes until it was like unto the sun. And if activity scaled the westward pieces, overgrown with great fronds, pushed back by the wind like a hand against a lover's kissing mouth denied. The valley then turns into an embrace of gold, riots of flowers. Bodegas hovered above this, shocked white stucco pinned down by the sun. No violence, neither anything willed nor confidential, prices like women's thighs, like a dropped stone.

She was orange, in her mouth. Great clouds of diesel smoke wrote across my memories of her. The Third Person traipsed away from me, down the Learned Highway to her, murmured mixed up nonsense, lyrics from lost songs invented and forgotten in the singing of them "a muzzle of bees/My sleeves have pushed/some say they're in between/I don't think they're in between/ the breeze blown through/On your machine/I'm assuming you are news"

We are all lightning and we branch, our skin fluid, but longing, longing! Everything spins, there are green leaves whirling at the clocks, actresses cowling, crossed moments concealing me. O! Pour me endlessly, unite me with them again! Make day a smudge, black grease on glass. I'm left imagining. I assented our beloved borderlands, forgotten in the Markets of the Dead. Food for the bowels of a City. O my beloved, I thought in light skimmed right off the surface of my skin, the liquor of sleep injected between the joints. What does he plan for a gift, what do we devour at the entrance of the vast steel culvert, our memories yet to be marred like the boys. I mourned a sound of echoed feet running on steel, forgotten with a kind of mad joy when our night together dissolved in a cup, a hum of thrusting groins.

The songs back again, never louder than a promise at her ear, "God lifts/ hums, your spine starts to shine/And you and I are climbing/we punch our holes in so much less/fall upward into the scattered broken sky/"

Until down on me, O City, your green life will crash at last and in your barrenness my mindfull of wishes and heartbeats, butterflies, the great release of air, simply turns around--

Metanoia! Yes! Given a timeline, we determined to caress the contours of the Market and name each forgotten woman in it, every sudden vision spawned there, all the gripping hands and questioning mouths and recruit... at least one other. Yes. I imagine my mouth on each of theirs in turn, warm and slick. "River river river have mercy," oh.

Kiki's voice then, resurrecting him to me, "I smell them out there making their moves, settling their dry pale fingers over my spoon and dropper."

"his goal in a Question
Paid (careening clock a know in heads in of against me,
I alive the him, thrust as face jutted
thin in they east-west
littered rusting terminated beyond of
07-06 09:13:00
Current music:
So him a name.
Other:or How I Finally Recognized to Love the Balm"

She come unstitched, then, didn't get no laughter from them dogs. They get us so frightened, done torn down our fence, climbed into our highest tree. She got em up there so quietly, then back down again, finally. And y'all know what that means. There is mornin we come out with our tongues clenched so much more than just them clouds, them atoms. We are all mornin, all glancing at the light, and them broke down mirrors. We know that last week you held him in your mouth and imagined you was a cold gulf of empty space, ever distance between you gone and wrecked right out in the sun.

The heads of the others, distorted into slender finality. I cannot enter the reflection in front of this exchange, this plan to unravel the City, leave the bridges and set at the heart a golden tapeworm to gnaw up all the flowing commerce. I realized: a lithe step into it , a touch of my craven tongue, curled to sup the world. O warm neck, O smoke curling over your top lip—until my body pulsed again in his hands, a feeling like unforgettable emptying of my coinpurse, my accounts spent in a rush. For her?

The young boys stand at their futures unwritten. They grip pistols, rifles, like wind in high tension wires. They walk forward so slowly but their faces, moving toward adventure, are all smiles.

"Water footsteps/A fist so clear can see/For yourself/If you don't believe me/There's my pulse again/And morning fading to your trees/Your memory, our skins, eyes like bricks/The burst of raw sex out in ripples upon my entire body/"

Lost! Lost we decided to map it, and see through to the meadows, the hungry places and their favorite goddess-manchild, whom we'd loved for

"I can feel the heat feeling up their devil doll stool pigeons, crooning on every thing we could kill."

I smiled at myself in the mirrors, confirming my notion. She nodded over my shoulder. We knew we'd need to look harder: amid diesel and wire, eyes and muzzle, sun and longing, the lounging actresses poised at the tips of their toes, lips opening.

Ask, world, and warm me slowly with your meadows.

"It's at memory, faces, pulse tapping, that's where I want it."

"It's right, close in on me so I cannot be lost!"

[pause. a thousand days pass]

We'd also snapped at the wires of memory, of echo, of meadows beneath the sun. We proclaimed in great sure utterances, willed decided things, life things. High-pitched wind rode over my body. I lost the hand closing on our eyes, the mouth coming to my mouth. Just lost it in the high bright noonday sun, because I couldn't stop lying to my lovers, couldn't tell truth to my friends and instead shaded it with things I thought were good. I lathered on the similes and metaphors like lubricants to make my words slip through, penetrate their trusts smoothly. Yes, just like that. I know the ache of hiding my heart from the eyes of my nearest best most beloved, the storm of futures like falling cards flung into a gale. I wish to speak in less than this coded talk, to unveil my liar's heart, my false bones. I want to gut my hypocrisy and lay it out to steam in the cold clinical air. No, nothing like that. But I crave a filling of the spaces between us.

There's warm hands, smoke that stands in the lowlands, and voices melting together to toast their best intentions. We were lost, dancing or making love entire nights, nights on end. Also we'd scrabble at each other's skin, we left a feeling like smoke on our feet. It's almost gone, the fists at your soul, the pulse of memory in our palms. Lost! Lost! We do the job right, ascribe every suspected smile and inventory the lot, but it's not enough to dampen the echoes.

I suspect they don't believe you. We'd decided to walk, grip, kill, surface from the deep. But none of it mapped the sons we longed for, the future we spent like so much ejaculate on the packed ground. None of these actions described what we were really after- the life in our memories, the fade of our desires into artifice.

Ask me. I tuned to feel the clean pistols, the wired world of her bright vision. Ask me, i begged then. I wanted to heat her up again, to tickle her with my words, bind her with my face like stone.

almost done now i know he's thinking. kill them in our eyes, work loose their favorite teeth, their most loved dolls. i croon, pine over your seed, your memory of events to come, your thick lust for nostalgia, elegy in each orgasm.

I'm tired, she whispered, sharp like a cool drink. Tired of unwritten notions, and these deviled divisions between us, our sexes like wingless birds, bruised angels. Please, put your skin to my lips, let me handle your future with my mouth. Stop moving so slowly, just this once, so I can see you.

Ah mantis, lover with spines, doublejointed rifle shot of yesterday! Take me here, pin me to the hard bark of the trees and don't let me go until I exhale against your ear all my promises.

My love is a horse that shivers when the saddle is lifted from her back. She is an unwritten thought, gripped between inkwell and paper. She dangles above the page and no drops shake free.

"Lightly seize me/won't you believe me/Put the trees before my eyes and exhale me/My favorite whom I loved?"
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our hearts are the bones of god,
remnants of divinity laid gently upon the landscape,
waiting to be noticed, cradled gently in our arms
and shared with each other
strong, with marrow of beatific joy

our bodies are the fields on which the light of love shines
and life is reactive to the light,
we glow ecstatically in our embraces
we burn trails of memory in blue, red, and yellow
our hopes flower, turning into the sun
out of the dark we rise
and sink like exhalations back into it at last.
who will shine with us?

I am full with voices that leap and dance, await their turn to flash into the air and sing
every note is the future climbing into the small holes we're equipped with, every future is the present threaded with our hopes, and all things vibrant with the pressure of time
who will tend the mysteries that crowd into our ears? who will voice the whispers of eternity?

if not us, who? they said
and suddenly in exhausted rapture, I was listening

no more todays can bear our ignorance
every thing that was yesterday is lit when we close our eyes, and shines back at us when the sun sets at last and our bodies prove that no more tomorrows can be avoided
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Away, dozens for disaster?
Every hunger and the satellites color I long for event reminds of the last disaster and under the guise of color Icarus drifted at the horizon outward from the chaos-- we me of long for in and flags and nationhood and reminds me, obscene penises, each flavor and full oscillation bent smokelike on one nothing can of each be denied toward me now or for each sweet i consume present excuses.

Until stars embraced, bites back. And at last in gaping event horizon the us, small multicolored with our noses their flight frilled from hearing of them

amid drifted diesel and nationhood and penises and full of trucks.
Or by guise of my minds
with one spite
consume distance. under the tongue black yellow fingers.
then flight.

Women in full came, full of spite hope in their hope Then, we rise off the hillside, emerging out the flowery landscape into nothing
each sweet can be smokelike and multicolored with heads bent toward each other until stars embraced at last in gaping hope the face of minds with wings now that I am our-minds-with-one-alone
every hour of that for I consume denied our noses seeking one bites back now another every hour with one in the face of other fires minus the stars

every color and I, event horizon drifted, longed for
reminds me in and out, obscene and full of cigarettes, oscillations toward each or for excuses. Until the stars embraced at last hope in the gaping sexual desire

We, full of hope the gaped-and-and-overheated-dream-cat-closed-by-her-tongue under the guise of my gawked and pawed chaos we rise

Then, flight. Darting one another in the face of hope in their stars, embraced in the language of the horses and the fumes we hear them: amid the gaping interstellar women softly stepping on every color from the heavens

better than the last fumes, the gaping sexual desire, the guise of chaos nationhood and penises, the muttered language from the satellites, sweating horses and the Watched:

each of us we rise, alone every small floor,

Under the satellites we watched:
events overheated by her tongue in the fingers, by guise of colorful clothes, my gawked chaos we horses and the fumes and nothing can be denied
softly amid drifted in and out stepping face of women, obscene oscillations bent, in spite of hope, in at ourselves, looking for their colorful face or for excuses.

toward each hope until the One-Another-And-Other
in spite consume from their yellow fingers bites
denied me back our minds with one language the satellites watched.
We, loving then, out, obscene and full of light.
we hear women in the leaves, amid the softly colorful horizon

O for disaster? hope and every color each
Until the stepping women in their one "at last another" voice, toward each other in spite they came
The stars I embraced for us, alone the sweating horses every small hour and the fumes, the gaping, the fumes of them: amid softly sweetly stepping the gaping nothing –desire, interstellar women-- can be denied me in body heat and sweating colorful in the clothes, horses, the satellites and multicolored
sexual desire of interstellar body closed heat in the frilled distance.

We the can-be Women, alone every one,
O face out the hour with one for chaos, each
multicolored with our overheated seeking?

dozens for disaster? obscene oscillations bent at every color I long
for fires rained from or for excuses. Until the heavens far away,

bags dangling from the heavens
looking denied me now
each for loving
Then, flight.

i consume away, and dozens bite back

We hear them amid drifted in and out, obscene oscillations bent or for excuses. Until at last they came
event and event fumes
from the diesel horizon

better to remind satellites
and Angry Men we hear the guise nationhood and them
with our noses seeking the fires
rained stars embraced muttered language from the heavens
the sweating horses and nationhood tastes better and the
satellites watched: hear them


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