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This makes me so happy. It made me tear up. I can't believe I hadn't checked it.

Here is the Get Your War On from 1/20/09

That? Is pure sweet gold.
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But I think we're in the Golden Age of webcomics and that quite possibly we are witnessing the prime of Randall Munroe's career. Like seeing someone pitch no hitter after no hitter. Like season 5 of The Simpsons. Like Y the Last Man. Like Newton before the 1690s. (too far?)

The latest one is no exception. Look, just go read it okay?
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Salon is doing this rundown of the presidential candidates' spouses. It's pretty interesting. They listed them in order of least to most interesting (and did a pretty good job deciding which was which). I was particularly amused by their nod to the big dawg: Bill Clinton, husband of Hillary Clinton: Well, what is there to say, really? But let's take a crack: First, Bill clearly gets points for answering the "one of these things is not like the other" riddle. He is a boy. The only one on this list. He met Hillary in law school at Yale; they have been married for 32 years; they have one daughter, Chelsea. He is a longtime governor of Arkansas who now runs the Clinton Foundation, an organization that aims to help alleviate the problems of poverty, AIDS and global warming around the world. An enthusiastic saxophonist, Clinton was once impeached after getting caught receiving blow jobs from a White House intern during his eight years as president of the United States. Bill has a penchant for fast food that he's had to overcome after undergoing serious cardiac surgery three years ago. full article

Emphasis added. I just like how you could conceivably write a bio of Bill Clinton and throw his presidency in as an afterthought.

BBC delivers this lovely: 10 climate change skepticisms with responses. The best I think is "Solar variations do affect climate, but they are not the only factor. As there has been no positive trend in any solar index since the 1960s (and possibly a small negative trend), solar forcing cannot be responsible for the recent temperature trends. The difference between the solar minimum and solar maximum over the 11-year solar cycle is 10 times smaller than the effect of greenhouse gases over the same interval."

Apple are you seeing this? want

um. holy crap

At some point I hope to see commentary far wittier than I'm able to produce about today's 9CL strip, perhaps at Comics Curmudgeon. While occasionally I am disturbed by what have been elsewhere described as the "monkey faces" on all of those women, the posing is certainly... daring. Brooke McEldowney certainly pushes the limits of the medium's normally staid approach to sensuality. Unless you count furry sex, I suppose. The dialog here is almost completely superfluous. Watch:

Just about as funny, and allows the reader to enjoy the artwork as I imagine the artist himself must see it. Though I can't help thinking what he really wants us to see looks a little more like this:

This suggests a theory. Two theories, actually. 1) A variation on the MackJ Garfield theory: Remove 3/4 of all dialog from 9 Chickweed Lane, preferably leaving only the last balloon. 2) Remove all clothes from 9 Chickweed Lane. Period. It's what people are thinking anyway.

*(for reference: MackJ's post with Garfield's thoughts removed and the garfield randomizer)

here's a horrifying item about cable companies. Your tax dollars at work. Hey, they got us comin' and goin'!

uh oh

Sep. 19th, 2007 01:14 pm
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today's pbf is just plain wrong.

also, hilarious.

*edit: on the other hand, it kind of feels like that in the real world. impact-wise.
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Everyone looks at comics and says "this reminds me of you. or this reminds me of me." What I need you to understand, what I really need you to understand is that this is me, okay? I mean to say that this recent xkcd is about me--not literally, I've never met the guy. But I go through this all the time. It's not painful or anything, and nobody really notices and asks about it, but I do this all the time, pretty much no matter where I'm walking.
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I actually have feelings about the comics page, though I normally keep them close to the vest. But man, I have been reading For Better or For Worse for about 20 years. No really. I've been with that strip for a long long time and I know the characters pretty well. This long slow grinding death of one of the steady things in my reading-life horrifies me (Oh, and yes, I'm familiar with and read [livejournal.com profile] binky_betsy's foobiverse journal and generally agree with everything there). It is disgusting; it is manipulative; and it is embarrassing the way Lynn has ruined her comic the last several years, and doubly so as the pace picks up in anticipation of her retirement this year. The gears of these plots are simultaneously lost in murky clouds of black dust thrown off by all the grinding and mashing together by their author, and awfully, awfully transparent to even the most cursory reader.

I picture in my mind Lynn, seated on Vecna's throne, his terrible hand stitched in place of her own, his piercing eye wandering across the pencils and pens of her drawing board. Nearby, the blood of innocents fills vast inkwells and the sound of men being flayed alive hangs in the air.

This vision alone explains the choices she has been making to slouch the plots of this strip to its great, ineluctable conclusion. The woman is a lich and her child—the beloved comic of my youth and young adulthood!— has devolved into a rough beast, its hour coming around at last.


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